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The NoRights Podcast: S3E38 - Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod Live!

The NoRights Podcast: S3E38 – Royalty Free: The Music of Kevin MacLeod Live!

This week Ben and Ian are joined by friends of the show Doug and Nate to discuss many things. But first, Ian brings us this week’s headlines.

This Revolutionary New Battery Charges To 70% In Just Two Minutes. Source of Leaked Snapchats Says Only 500MB of Data Affected. 2014 Retina iMac release date, specs, price & features: 27in 5K Retina iMac unveiled by Apple. iPad Air 2 release date, specs and…

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Daily Doodle - Week 2 in Review

This week I decided to use the Daily Doodle time for a mini project. Being overly ambitious I decided to start with a Flash game.


Day one started with designing target characters for the shooting range. I drew up both good and bad versions of each one and before and after poses.


Spent another day drawing targets to add variety to the game. Thought I should include a priest and a nun as well as the monkey gunman from a previous prototype I didn’t finish.


Focused on backgrounds with this session. Allowed myself to draw instead of paint so things went by fairly quickly.


Took the art I had so far and built a Stencyl project with it. This took a lot of fidgeting but the results were satisfying. Started getting frustrated I was fiddling in Photoshop and with code as opposed to drawing. Next week’s mini project will go right back to that.


Graphic design day as I worked out some menu screens and buttons. I needed to make them easy to navigate and follow. 


A fuller day of coding, messing with the menus and making them work. Got volume sliders to work, which I’m rather proud of.


Last day fussing with code. The prototype mostly works, save for a bug in the high score code making a second game not work for some reason. Coding is good weekend work when I need a break from drawing. This reminded me how big even a small project can be. Next week I return to drawing

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Daily Doodle - 10/17/14

Daily Doodle – 10/17/14

Daily Doodle 10-17-14 Title

This title screen might look familiar. I resized it and adjusted the title for this game.

Daily Doodle 10-17-14 Menu

I’ve tinkered with different styles for the menu screens and I like this one so far. Some of this stuff might change depending on what I can accomplish in code.

Daily Doodle 10-17-14 Pause

This is the overlay that will pop up over the screen when paused.

Daily Doodle 10-17-14 Pause 2

Here’s that same overlay with a background behind it for some context.

Daily Doodle 10-17-14 Options


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WIP Wednesday - 10/15/14

WIP Wednesday – 10/15/14

7 Deadly Sins WIP 1

7 Deadly Sins WIP 2

This week I’ve been going through each story in the 7 Deadly Sins anthology, making panel folders and doing pencils. I’m trying to do about 10 pages of this a day, feeling out what the characters look like and placing them solidly in each panel. I really want to have this stage done before moving to inks. I haven’t yet revisited the last story that was giving me trouble. Think I’ll get the rest…

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